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Hey Marco Polo...

Nice to e-meet you, and thank you for taking the time to review my application. Below is a bit about my background, my POV on human interaction, and a curated list of projects that I believe are suited for this role.

Why we should work together

My name is Jenn, I’m a Canadian user experience designer based in New York and Miami. I specialize in designing digital experiences for Gen-Z, and my design background is in motion graphics and experience strategy.

After 7 years of working with fashion brands, I found a new purpose: helping the next generation through designing experiences that will improve their lives.

Why Gen-Z? The pandemic stole critical areas of growth for Gen-Z, specifically around social interaction. Instead of interacting with classmates in-person, they used Zoom. To find community, authentic conversations, they used TikTok instead of Instagram. To share authentic and real-time moments, BeReal became the next social media app. 

We now live in a world where meeting people is easy, yet people are still lonely. We crave IRL human interaction, authenticity, and intimacy. I truly believe there is opportunity to continue to build and improve on tools to help people maintain and build deeper connections.

I'm a little familiar with the space, because my friend is building something similar called Seen Video,

I would love to learn more about what you're building and see if there's any opportunity to work together.

Recent Experience

Lead Product Designer
Emcee Studios, 2023

Emcee Studios is a social commerce platform that helps Creators monetize their content through storefronts and affiliate marketing. During my time there, I worked on the creator experience and innovation team, where I worked on an admin portal to manage and create content, analytics, customer orders, marketplace to purchase items to post, and proposed new strategies to help the company move towards their Northstar. Additionally, I led the UI redesign of the company design system. 

Product Design Consultant

Night Ventures, 2023

Night Ventures is a startup incubator started by Night Media, the managing company of Mr. Beast. I worked on a stealth product called Vouch, which is a job application system for creators and gen-z to scale and build their teams.

Lead Product Designer
Genies, 2022

Genies is an avatar technology company. Creators have the ability to make their own digital wearables (NFTs), and sell them on The Warehouse (the marketplace). As the design lead on The Warehouse, I worked on search, PDP enhancements, checkout on the Flow blockchain, and more.

Sr. Product Designer
Fast Checkout, 2022

Fast was a start up building a one-click checkout solution, think of Shop Pay, but e-commerce platform agnostic (ie. Woocommerce, Squarespace, Salesforce). The Creator platform was a new arm of the business, and I built a 0-1 dashboard for affiliate marketing. Users could track orders, analytics, and generate unique links, and a Fast Checkout button to embed into their content.

Life outside of work...

I am a mental health advocate, design mentor, daily affirmation enthusiast, runner, and techno lover. 

I love giving back to the design community through mentorship and participation in events. Most recently, I was the UX Design Judge for York University's hackathon. I also do lectures at Brainstation, where I give students (especially those who are switching careers) a real glimpse of what it's like being a user experience designer... everyday challenges and all :).

What I am looking for in my next role

  • Empathetic management
  • A design-centric leadership team
  • Ownership
  • Opportunities to excel in iOS design

Still interested?

For any questions or additional work samples: 

📲 (917) 257-4261

I am looking forward to hearing from you 😊.


Selected projects for Marco Polo

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