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With the increasing demands of the business, international efforts, and rise in mobile traffic, Checkout was a critical experience that needed to be re-strategized. was seven years old: had performance issues because of legacy code. 

As part of the Adobe Experience Manager replatforming project, I was the design lead on Checkout. I was responsible for the experience strategy, final deliverables and managed one designer.

The outcome was a great accomplishment. The new design had a +12% lift in conversion in North America, and decreased cart to shipping abandonment by 10%. With the success in the North America launch, we rolled out the experience in Japan, Middle East, and Europe.


Design Lead


1 Year, 3 Months




1. Login: Guest Checkout

With a majority of customers checking out as Guest, we placed it as the first option.


2. Order Summary

The persistant "Your Order" bar will reveal cart items. To personalize and elevate the experience, if there is 1 item, image  will be larger to optimize on details of the product image. 

3. Shipping

We were able to condense the number of steps to check out into  two 1. Shipping and 2. Payment. After the user as completed their Shipping information, they are taken to the final step: Payment.

4. Payment

Upon entering your credit card number, an illustration of the CVV appears and the credit card icon above is highlighted.

5. Order Confirmation

Upon selecting "Place your order" a smiley face animation appears, congratulating you on your purchase.

My Collaborators...

Jenn is truly a rare hybrid designer. She has strong leadership skills and the ability to create high-fidelity designs and prototypes. At Tory Burch, she was always passionate about what she was working on, and consistently pushed herself to create high-quality products. On top of that, she was always aware of trends in UX/UI and shared it with me, which inspired me in a lot of different ways.

- Miki Suzuki, Digital Designer


Agency: Tory Burch (In-house)
Collaborators: Emma Houlihan, Taras Mishak, Marisa Glick, Vanessa Brown, Nicole Davis, Julia Shingler, Devon Chateley

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