Fast Commerce Network

Fast Commerce Network was a marketing affiliate platform by Fast. It provided tools for Creators to earn commission, by embedding the Fast Checkout Button onto their website.

As the first Group Design Lead of the Creators Team, I was responsible for overseeing project (Q2 planning, timelines, scoping, milestones), final deliverables (designs, flows, prototypes), and one designer. UX, UI, Prototyping, Information Architecture.

In a short time span of 60 days, we built a fully functioning product. We also implemented new processes between design, product, and engineering to accomplish this goal. 

1. Login

Log in to the Fast Commerce Network with credentials set up by the Fast team

2. Browse Products

Discover items in the Fast catalog via search. See earning potential across individual products.

3. Generate Fast Button

Copy and paste the HTML code or URL to embed on your site.

4. Insights

Track and measure performance on the products you have embedded on your pages.

My Collaborators...

Jenn is the best of the best of Product and UI Designers. She able and willing to do the research to understand a space and product, competitors, and product standards. She listens well to feedback and is able to pivot quickly with new ideas. Her drive to improve our product and user experience was invaluable.

As an engineer I really enjoyed working with Jenn. She is really, really well organized in her designs and thought process, and she responds to questions quickly. More than this all, however, Jenn is kind and caring. She was an asset to our team and will make your product world class.

Tom Galpin
Sr. Front-end Software Engineer

Jenn is an excellent designer & collaborator with engineering.

In our time working together, Jenn was able to onboard very quickly, establish scalable and sane processes for cross design - engineering collaboration. Her work & style helped us to launch a MVP within a single quarter. Jenn brings clear communication and positivity to the table, always looking to make a conversation productive.

Joseph Nam
Engineering Manager

Agency: Fast (In house)
Collaborators: Mei Liu, Joseph Nam, Rebecca Flores, Pantelis Korovalis, Marciano Avila, Yajun Gao, Tom Galpin, Elisabeth Brusewitiz, Jeehae Song, Alex Hsu...

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