In September 2021, I realized that I was extremely unhappy with the direction my life was going. Like many others, COVID impacted me greatly. It impacted my mental health, work, perspective in life, amongst many others.

At the time, I had gone through a serious breakup. For those who know me, my best character trait is resilience. I was extremely burnt out from life, and needed a real vacation.

Next stop, the home of Club Space and Ultra Music Festival... Miami!

I booked my flight and accommodations within a matter of days after this realization, I needed a serious reset.

Fast forward, after two weeks of being in Miami and taking a major time out, I realized how much my life needed to change. Friendships and relationships, career, lifestyle... all needed an upgrade. So I did all of that, I began to distance myself from people who I outgrew, got a new job, and started putting together life goals.

Through this spiritual journey, I slowly realized how much more colourful my wardrobe started to become. It became a mix of the Miami gradient sky, neon lights... I was swapping out black for grey. I started to wear black eyeliner less and less, and opted for an electric blue.

Sephora Collection, Intense Liquid Eyeliner in Satin Cobalt Blue, PSG Jordan Collaboration (Sold Out), Balenciaga Ski Mask Glasses

I'll be adding more images soon, stay tuned 🙂